Art and Soul


Sponsoring a Workshop

No art experience required! Art and Soul workshops are designed for groups of 12-15 participants. The workshops are scheduled for four hours, not including an hour set-up, and 30 minutes clean-up. The cost of the workshop is $250, and it covers the reimbursement of supplies for a dozen painters. This supply reimbursement should be paid on the day of the session, prior to the start. We can manage up to 15 people, and each painter beyond the initial 12 will require an additional $20 each, or a total of $310 for 15 painters.

If you are asking for donations to offset the workshop cost, the suggested donation is $25 per person and that is paid directly to you, the sponsor. This means that if 10 people pay, you have room for 2 scholarships as 10 people each paying $25 covers the total $250 cost. One sponsor held the workshop as a thank you and fellowship event and was free of charge for attendees.

If your session is closed to only participants from your organization, please let us know that up front and we will not post it for general registration opportunities.

Set-up requirements

We bring a tarp for the floor, table covers, buckets, spray bottles, paint, brushes, sponges and other misc. painting implements. We will need a fan -- standing is best -- if one is available. Please let us know if you do not have one and we will bring one. The space needs to have a sink available for cleanup and bucket filling, and a regular sized kitchen sink works fine. We will need 6, six foot tables or 4 eight foot tables for a dozen painters, a drying table and a supply table of either size. Round tables will also work and the number of painters per table will depend on how many 18x24 canvases can fit with workspace. Each participant will need a chair to sit in during the presentation. We generally paint standing up, but you may sit at the table and paint as well.

I present an introductory slideshow to the group, so I need a wall to project onto or a screen, or a multi-media TV if it is available. We also provide the music and the sound system.

Refreshments are typically a group effort and we usually provide a case of water and a dessert and snack like chips or veggies. It is best to coordinate with us what kind of refreshments would work best. Depending on the time of the workshop, ordering pizza and making a salad works well. Other workshops have added a potluck component. Since refreshments and encouraging people to bring their own drinks is also an option, as the sponsor you can choose to allow adult beverages, you can request an alcohol free venue. We just need the details for planning purposes so it is properly posted on the website.

If you have any other questions, or if you would like to sponsor a session, or make a donation to a church or organization that sponsors sessions, please email Jamie Samilio and she will work out the details with you.

You may make a donation directly to Pathways to Housing
by clicking here.


If you hear a voice within you say
"you cannot paint," then by all means paint,
and that voice will be silenced. - Vincent Van Gogh

Upcoming Sessions

August 19, 2017

September 16, 2017

October 7, 2017

November 11, 2017


Sessions are located at:

Church of the Holy Cross
2455 Gallows Road
Dunn Loring, VA 22027-1225

Suggested Donation $25

Holy Cross Website

Email: Jamie Samilio or Maude Hales

Please email me or check back in a couple weeks for the next open session.

Open session * please bring your own beverages (adult beverages permitted). We will serve a lite meal, but you are also free to bring a snack or dessert to share. We try to provide something for everyone, but if you have dietary restrictions please provide food for yourself.

The photos shown here were taken during Art and Soul painting sessions.

For more information, please email Jamie Samilio.

Things To Know About The Sessions

No art experience required! There are no rules in art, however, I do have some guidelines and information I hope you find helpful. The suggested donation is $25 per person, $40 for two people. However, if you want to attend but are unable to make a donation, please sign-up and indicate that you would need a scholarship.
1.     We use acrylic paint. It is water based, but it WILL NOT come out of your clothes, so please make sure whatever you wear you are ready to have paint on it forever. Some people are very neat painters -- I am not one of them and usually end up covered in paint. The brushes we use will also need to be kept in water when not in use * if the paint is allowed to dry, they will be ruined.
2.     We will be painting 18x24 canvas with 1.5 inch sides. This means the painting will NOT need to be framed, but you will need to paint the sides as well as front. You may choose to wrap your painting onto the sides or paint them a solid color, but please paint the sides.
3.     Please indicate on the back which side is the TOP of the painting. And please sign your name on the back with the date.
4.     Sponges, fingers, tooth brushes, paint brushes, and other items create fun textures and are easy to use -- especially fingers. Some of these items will be provided, but please feel free to bring any tools you want to use. If you bring a sponge, it may help create your painting and will help clean up afterward!
5.     No previous experience required!
6.     The paint may not be dry by the end of the session. However, I plan to photograph the paintings, and they may be briefly displayed until they are delivered. If your painting needs a protective coat of matt or gloss medium, it may be added after the painting has dried. 
7.    There will be some drinks and snacks provided, but you are free to bring something for yourself or to share -- especially if you have food restrictions * We will be together for about 4-hours.

Please remember that paintings are donated as housewarming gifts to people moving into homes from homelessness. If you really want to keep your work, we ask that you donate a full scholarship for someone else ($25) on top of your session donation.
(Depending on the venue, people are free to bring adult beverages for themselves and to share if they desire. Please read the specific details about the session you plan to attend.)
We are going to paint - not just what we see - but also what we hear! I will do my best to have some music on the playlist for everyone! If you want to hear some specific music, feel free to send me a suggestion.